ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities


ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

Two vulnerabilities discovered in ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager WordPress plugin can lead to full site takeover and insertion of arbitrary links

How to Exploit WordPress Plugin Vulnerbilities 2021 Fully Practical

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Best Link Shortener For Bloggers – ThirstyAffiliates Review and Demo

#Profitable Tools #WordPress #AffiliateMarketing
There are a lot of Link Shorteners out there, and if you’re an affiliate marketer they can be vital to your success.
In this video I’ll show you the tool I use for shortening and tracking my affiliate links.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:45 – What is Thirsty Affiliates
01:18 – What is Affiliate Marketing?
02:52 – Customizing an Affiliate Link
06:31 – Affiliate Link Settings
07:22 – Dashboard
08:08 – Adding Affiliate Links
11:15 – Uncloaking Links
12:57 – Additional Features
15:05 – Why Choose A Self Hosted Platform vs. Hosted
18:09 – Final Thoughts

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How to configure ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager WordPress Plugin?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use and configure the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin.
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How to hack a wordpress site by abusing a plugin vulnerability | Vulnhub:Deathnote 1

I will show you how to hack a wordpress site from Vulnhub called Deathnote :1 . This is a very easy straight forward ctf machine.

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