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National Archives Warned Of Massive National Security Threat From Trump Months Ago

According to a new report, the National Archives had warned about the massive security threat posed by the documents Donald Trump was stashing at Mar-a-Lago all the way back in May. This seems logical as news has revealed that Trump was storing at least 700 pages of classified information at the golf resort that anyone with money has access to. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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More and more information continues to come out about what was not only retrieved from Margo, but also the entire legal process that led up to that FBI raid two weeks ago. And as it turns out, the national archives had been warning since May 10th in a May 10th letter. It has now been revealed the national archives warned about the massive national security threat posed by Donald Trump. Having these documents down there at Mara Lago. So the national archives, the department of justice, they had known for months before the raid even happened, that Trump was not only hiding these documents down there, but that it was a massive national security threat because some of the information, uh, was regarding a special access program, which is one of the most, well, I guess the highest levels of something being classified as top secret. So he had quite possibly the most top secret documents that the United States has to hide sitting down there in his golf course.

Some of them, by the way, we’ve also now found out were not behind lock and key. Some of them were actually outside of the locked storage area, which the, uh, authorities, by the way, told him he had to put the lock on there because again, they knew he had the documents and they said, Hey, you have to secure them better. So it’s a very wi but anyway, yes, some of ’em were actually laying on the floor in boxes, outside the lock door. So anybody walking through there could have accessed them. So the whole point of all of this folks is that the authorities knew these documents existed down there knew they were of the highest level of classified.

And they waited until August to go down there and get ’em. There is plenty of evidence that there was lots of communication between the department of justice and between Donald Trump’s lawyers. Like I said, they even told them, Hey, you’ve got these documents, please, you know, put a lock on the frigging door so nobody can get in there. And they did. They put the lock on the door, but they still left some of them out. They were all scattered around the grounds. And now of course the DOJ wants even more surveillance footage from Malago, which legal experts say is an indication that the DOJ seems to believe that they didn’t get all the documents because they think some of them may have been removed from Malago before the raid took place. So this is the situation that we are in right now. And I know Donald Trump is saying release the affidavit, release this, release, all this I’m gonna Sue you for this. But every piece of news that comes out about this makes him look so much worse. We already have a ton of transparency about the entire

Timeline of events that led up to that FBI raid two weeks ago. And the more that comes out, the worse Donald Trump looks. But I gotta tell you, it’s not making the, uh, national archives of the DOJ look that great either. If you were worried back in may that this man and his documents that weren’t even his were a national security threat, then guess what? You probably should have sent the FBI down there in may.

Inverted Fate (Undertale AU) – True Lab Security Archives & Lore

A deep dive into the True Lab’s security terminal from the Undertale AU, Inverted Fate! SPOILERS AHEAD! We recommend viewing the entire chapter at: &page=1, especially if you want the full interactive experience. This video is a mobile-friendly substitute for those who can’t operate the terminal as comfortably. If you want the full Inverted Fate story, you can find it at

Computer GUI by Soufon (
Cutscene artwork by SuperKirbyLover ( and Dorked
Cutscene videos coded by Philiplol (
Funny email scripts by Beethovenus (, Nora (, and Dorked
Computer coding by NishaWolfe (
Shyra design by Hatty from his AU, Monster Friends: &p=1
Blueprint Touchups by SoupTaels –

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0:00 – Exploring the desktop
0:45 – Amalgamate Records
2:32 – DT Experiment Reports
6:37 – QUARANTINE!!! (Do not Read!)
8:06 – Security Footage
12:18 – Command Prompt Samples
13:16 – Credits and UNKNOWN_MESSAGE_3

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