Google Will Not Track Users After Replacing Third-Party Cookies


Google Will Not Track Users After Replacing Third-Party Cookies

Google will not find alternative ways to track users after phasing out third-party cookies.

Google Will Kill 3rd-party Cookies by 2022

Google plans to kill off 3rd-party cookies by 2020. Here’s how online tracking will change.
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Google Chrome 101 Cookies and Third party cookies in Privacy settings

Cookies in Google Chrome

How 3rd party cookies track you online

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When you visit a website that displays ads, understand that the ads are embedded on the website, but hosted on another server (ad server). Cookies set by the website you are currently browsing are first-party cookies. However, the ads displayed, served by ad server also sets a cookie for you. Since this is a cookie set by another website (ad server) you are not directly browsing, the cookie set by the ad server is a “Third-Party cookie”. Third-party cookies are also referred to as “Tracker cookies”.

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Did Google Just Kill Targeting? 3rd party Cookies No More

Google released a statement yesterday that they will stop supporting 3rd party cookies. This has implications on the advertising industry and publishers relying on 3rd party cookies for their business model to work.

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