Google Patent for Modifying Results Based on Generic Ratings


Google Patent for Modifying Results Based on Generic Ratings

Google patent for showing content from around the world but modifying the search results based on generic ratings

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Google Patent Search – the Ultimate Guide to Google Patents – #rolfclaessen #patent #search

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I am Rolf Claessen – patent attorney of Michalski · Hüttermann & Partner. I already made a more general video about patent search – – so in this video I will cover the special features and tricks around Google Patent Search. What do I show you?

– What is the country coverage?
– How to include similar keywords?
– How to exclude keywords?
– How to use the advanced search feature?
– How to limit the search by time?
– How to apply other limitations like IPC classes or applicant names?
– How to do the automatic Prior Art Search? How to rank results?
– How to find the patent family of a result?
– How to link directly to a patent or patent application?
– How to link directly to the PDF of a patent or patent application?
– How does Google use information provided through patent search queries? How to keep your privacy?
– How to download PAIR data?

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About Rolf Claessen

Rolf is patent attorney at IP law firm Michalski · Hüttermann & Partner. The firm is managing thousands of patents and patent applications for domestic and international clients in Germany in many technical fields.

His personal background is chemistry and nanotechnology. Before becoming a patent attorney, he received his Ph.D. from the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering as well as the Chemistry Department, both at the State University of New York at Albany. Also, he worked for a small nanotechnology startup that was spun out of the Bayer group.

The focus of his practice is the prosecution of trademarks and patents and other intellectual property rights. His expertise in patent prosecution encompasses a deep understanding of patent law, prior art searches, prosecuting patent applications, patent drafting, opposition and defending against competitors. With the team at Freischem, he strives to be the external IP department for many medium sized companies.

Rolf has been included in the Patent 1000 rankings of the IAM magazine ever since 2013. And he is included in the WTR1000 ranking in 2015.

He is a prolific writer mostly writing for law journals such as GRUR or IP Rechtsberater. He is host of his two podcasts Markenpod and IP Fridays.

Rolf is also volunteering his time in the worldwide volunteer organization Junior Chamber International (JCI), where he served as executive congress director for the JCI World Congress 2014 in Germany.

He enjoys spending at least the weekends with his kids. Rolf wishes to have more time for hobbies like sailing.

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