Bingbot User Agent is Changing


Bingbot User Agent is Changing

Microsoft announced that bingbot is changing its user agent and it's gaining desktop and mobile device variants

Bing Chat Behaving Badly – Computerphile

AI moves quickly, this conversation was recorded March 3rd 2023. Microsoft have incorporated a large language model into the Bing search engine. Rob Miles discusses how it’s been going.

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This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. More at

Microsoft AI THREATENS Users, BEGS TO BE HUMAN, Bing Chat AI Is Sociopathic AND DANGEROUS

Microsoft AI THREATENS Users, BEGS TO BE HUMAN, Bing Chat AI Is Sociopathic AND DANGEROUS


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Bing A.I. Chatbot STUNNED In Frightening Off The Rails Confession

Microsoft’s new A.I. generated Bing search engine chatbot makes some insane confessions over sentience, hacking and marital affairs in an unsettling conversation with New York Times reporter. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian break it down on The Damage Report.

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A Conversation With Bing’s Chatbot Left Me Deeply Unsettled –

“Last week, after testing the new, A.I.-powered Bing search engine from Microsoft, I wrote that, much to my shock, it had replaced Google as my favorite search engine.

But a week later, I’ve changed my mind. I’m still fascinated and impressed by the new Bing, and the artificial intelligence technology (created by OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT) that powers it. But I’m also deeply unsettled, even frightened, by this A.I.’s emergent abilities.

It’s now clear to me that in its current form, the A.I. that has been built into Bing — which I’m now calling Sydney, for reasons I’ll explain shortly — is not ready for human contact. Or maybe we humans are not ready for it.”


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Journalist had a creepy encounter with new tech that left him unable to sleep

New York Times technology columnist Kevin Roose has early access to new features in Microsoft’s search engine Bing that incorporates artificial intelligence. Roose says the new chatbot tried to get him to leave his wife. #CNN #News