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As It Is

As It Is are a pop-punk quintet based out of Brighton, England. Formed in 2012 by American-born frontman Patty Walters, they have a melodic, earnest, emo-inspired sound that recalls the early work of bands like Taking Back Sunday and the Starting Line. Along with singer/guitarist Benjamin Biss, guitarist Andy Westhead, bassist Alistair Testo, and drummer Patrick Foley, the band released four independent EPs beginning with 2012's Two Track and followed in 2013 by both electric and acoustic versions of the Blenheim Place EP. By the time of their 2014 release, This Mind of Mine, As It Is had built up a strong following in the U.K. and expanded their touring range into Europe as well. After signing with Fearless Records, they traveled to Florida to record their first full-length with producer James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Dashboard Confessional). Their debut LP, Never Happy, Ever After, was released in April 2015. Following a busy summer playing every date of the Warped Tour, As It Is headed back to the U.K. and spent much of 2016 recording their follow-up LP, Okay. The album was released in January 2017 -- longtime guitarist Andy Westhead left the fold shortly after the album's release. In 2018 the band returned with the dark and brooding and semi-conceptual The Great Depression. Built around themes concerning mental health awareness, the LP was divided into four parts and featured a collaboration with Underøath's Aaron Gillespie. Biss and Foley left the group shortly thereafter. Now pared down to a trio, As It Is released the fiery single "IDGAF" in early 2021 followed by "I Lie to Me" later that August. Both cuts appeared on the band's 2022 LP I Went to Hell and Back.
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